I.R. Guitar Lessons is an Oakland Music School Dedicated to the Guitar.

We provide students of all ages the opportunity to create life-long passion.

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Dedicated Faculty

We are conservatory-trained teachers with years of experience on the stage and in the classroom.  More than instructors, we are role models and mentors dedicated to making sure that every student reaches their full potential.


I.R. Guitar Lessons - Bay Area Guitar Lessons

Trusted Curriculum

Our curriculum creates the complete guitarist, so that students can be any type of musician.  Students build musical literacy, technique and musical fluency while learning a variety of styles so that they can play Bach today and rock tomorrow.


I.R. Guitar Lessons - Bay Area Guitar Lessons

Hands-oN apPROACH

We teach you to play the guitar in a hands-on setting with real music as the example.  From the very first lesson, students learn strumming, plucking and reading music, while using interactive exercises to boost confidence and have fun.


I.R. Guitar Lessons - Bay Area Guitar Lessons


We promote progress by marking students’ achievements with rewards.  By completing monthly practice plans, graduating to new books and performing in recitals, students receive awards that keep them excited about learning.



Beyond music, we teach life lessons.  Students make goal-setting and accomplishing routine, reinforce self-discipline and learn to work with others.  In addition to becoming great musicians, our students have gone on to be great students at Stanford, UC Berkeley and USC.


I.R. Guitar Lessons - Bay Area Guitar Lessons

Active Community

Our students are part of an encouraging network of like-minded people who are passionate about music and learning.  The I.R. Guitar community provides a supportive environment where we can share, socialize and collaborate.


What Our Students Are Saying:

My daughter has a great rapport with her teacher, Adrianna. She’s teaching her the fundamentals to establish a strong foundation but also makes it fun for her by asking what songs she’d like to learn to play. We could not be happier with Adrianna and I.R. Guitar Lessons!
— Mary S.

I have a great guitar teacher who can meet the needs of students of many levels. I’m an adult student with years of playing but very few of studying. I.R. Guitar Lessons is taking my newfound discipline in the art of guitar and tailoring it through artful listening and humor.
— Mitch G.

I am learning how to play guitar again and it makes my heart so happy. Thanks I.R. Guitar Lessons for making me feel like a rockstar!
— Tinneke M.