I.R. Guitar Lessons founder Ian Rowe began his musical studies in 2010 while he was a classical guitar student in Southern California.  There, he worked closely with Dr. Katherine Hickey in the areas of childhood music education and pedagogy, and upon graduating, took teaching positions in the Bay Area.

After settling in Oakland, Ian realized that there were no music schools that took the guitar as seriously as they took the piano or violin.  In 2017, he formed I.R. Guitar Lessons, a school dedicated solely to the guitar, its music and its students.  His vision was to create a place where music could be taught by guitarists for guitarists. A center for students of all ages, abilities and styles to come together as one guitar community.

Since its inception, I.R. Guitar Lessons has become home to hundreds of students and their families.  We cherish the opportunity to share the joy of making music with our students, and take great pride in all their accomplishments.  

I.R. Guitar Lessons exists so that everyone can enjoy music, because everyone deserves music.